Server & Infrastructure Services

Nitka Technologies Server Management is designed to address enterprise server platform needs ranging from operational assistance to design, deployment, optimization and migration.

Our services ensure better utilization, increased performance and improved system availability, allowing you to optimize your server infrastructure by centralizing business-critical applications and systems.

We work as part of your team to help retain, or if needed, regain control over server infrastructure and reduce overall infrastructure costs.

Server Monitoring and Management services include a comprehensive list of tasks and activities designed to maximize server performance, uptime and reliability. They include, but are not limited to:

  • OS Service Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Patch Management
  • Configuration Changes
  • Performance Management
  • Security Auditing & Policies
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Server Virtualization
  • Capacity Analysis
  • OS Hardening
  • Log Auditing
  • Kernel Updates

We currently support these server platforms (in both physical as well as virtualized environments):

  • Window
  • Unix
  • Linux

Customer Service

Our dedicated server teams constantly monitor your entire server environment, including core server resources such as CPU, memory, disk, services, event logs, counters, etc. and provide notification to customers via email, SMS messaging or any other desired method as directed. In addition, we offer advanced monitoring tools as well as client access to dashboards through a dedicated, secure customer portal, hosted in our US data center.

In addition, we also offer Storage Management services (SAN and NAS) as well as custom server configurations for web, application, messaging, database, streaming and other purposes.

We constantly invest in our engineers, and insist on the highest and certified skill levels. Currently certified staff include: MCSE, CCDA, CCNP, VCP 4, MCITP: Enterprise Administrator, EMCISA, EMCPE: Clariion, and others.