Software Quality Assurance

The substantial growth of projects to accomplish caused the necessity to reorganize the testing team to Nitka Quality Control and Quality Assurance department.

The department has gathered high-qualified professionals, working with conformity with ISO 9000 and IEEE 829-1998 standards requirements for making software products more qualitative, manageable and more inexpensive for development.

Nitka provides the following QA/QC services:

Nitka quality assurance analysts and engineers have been providing quality assurance to a large number of companies from various industries like insurance, healthcare, finance, telecom or logistics. System analysts of Nitka are capable to define top level quality standards for a new software project or enhance development processes of an ongoing project. Nitka analysts and engineers work closely with the customer's personnel to create better standards and bring them into live through communication, documentation and procedures.

Nitka software quality consulting services include:
  • Quality assurance of the custom software/product development projects
  • Investigating, reviewing and reworking of a project quality standards
  • Studying and implementing the customer's quality system into a new or ongoing software development project
  • Other custom quality assurance consulting services on request

Nitka provides a full cycle of software testing services on all stages of a software development project depending on software development methodologies, processes and requirements. All the activities are compliant with ISO 9000 and IEEE 829-1998 standards.

Nitka functional testing services include:
  • Services include but are not limited to
  • Initial testing of the project documentation
  • Creating package of testing documentation on static testing stage
  • Execution of all test types during dynamic testing stage
  • Execution of all test types during dynamic testing stage
  • Acceptance product testing
  • Making decision about final state of the product tested

Nitka combines various testing methodologies like black-box, grey-box and white-box to ensure that the software solution corresponds with the functional and technical requirements.

Depending on the project specifics the testing engineers can provide the whole spectrum of testing types and methodologies including: functional testing, UI testing, usability testing, browser compatibility, platform compatibility, load, stress, performance, integration, security, data completeness and consistency testing.

Nitka software testing team has proved experience in usage of different tests\issue tracking systems both commercial (HP Quality Center, JIRA, TFS) and open source (Bugzilla, TestLink).

Nitka software testing professionals focus their extensive testing skills, technical backgrounds, and experiences to help customers identify critical software errors prior to deployment to production and going live in order to ensure your competitive position.

Nitka offer automated testing solutions capable to reduce testing cycle duration, cut costs on testing effort and ensure low-cost continuous development for large scale software development projects.

The test automation service of Nitka includes:
  • Not only short term automation solutions, but unique testing automation frameworks designed and tuned with the project specific needs
  • Set up and maintain any kind of testing environments either. The testing team has excellent skills in maintaining of control testing environment starting from qualification of hardware and finishing with daily deployments of software builds to execute the tests
  • Proven experience in usage open source tools (Selenium)

Nitka has participated in number of long-term product development projects where the software testing engineers designed and successfully implemented various performance and load testing tools and frameworks.

The software testing team of Nitka is capable to provide full range of software testing services that includes all aspects of performance and load testing: Prepare and set up of test benches

Nitka performance and load testing services include:
  • Design and implement the most suitable testing approach depending on various requirements to software system
  • Clear measuring of any performance and load related software characteristics
  • Evaluation of software system scalability
  • Finding performance bottlenecks

Nitka software testing team has proved experience in usage both commercial tools (Visual Studio Load Test) and open source tools (JMeter). Nitka software testing team is ready to design and develop custom unique tools for measuring of performance and load characteristics.