Become an Nitka
Technologies Partner

Nitka Technologies delivers vital IT services, advanced development capabilities, "peace of mind" and value to many customers across the US and Europe.

By targeting

  • Advanced Application Development,
  • Cloud Platform and Portal Development,
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service,
  • Mobile data, and
  • BI & Analytics
  • as our core service offerings we are focusing on and becoming a well established leader in the fastest growing technology segments.

    Being very close to our customers and providing many of them with core application development and support capabilities, as well as 24x7 Remote Infrastructure Support functions, we offer an unparalleled opportunity to tap into these fast growing and emerging technology sectors. In addition, our growing analytics business is also quickly becoming a major source of revenue as a recognized high grwoth technology area, creating more opportunities for us as well as our partners.

    We view partners as critical to our success as well as a substantial benefit and value proposition to our customers.

    We are constantly striving to add more and better value to our customers, and will team up with our partners when and where appropriate. In addition, we take pride in only hiring the best resources and maintaining the highest level of training and ongoing education to maintain our edge in quality and performance. We look for the same in our partners.

    If you share the same dedication to quality, performance and customer service, contact us to find how a partnership can provide tremendous potential in a rapidly growing market.