Remote IT Infrastructure

Resources are today's single biggest challenge in IT. Whether it is finding the right resources, keeping them or managing the ever-growing demand with a limited pool of resources. Nitka Technologies's "IT-as-a-service"model is built to respond to these issues and provide the solution to resource and demand challenges.

Our menu of integrated services allows you to pick and choose the service best-suited to your particular need or challenge in a variety of situations.

We can augment your staff for off-hour support or take on sole responsibility for entire functions - you choose.

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Application Transformation Solutions

With emerging trends and technologies such as cloud computing and an on-demand IT environment, organizations need to adapt yet often struggle with the challenge of how to upgrade legacy systems and applications or move them to the Cloud.

Our world class development teams will upgrade, enhance, transform or rebuild your mission critical systems and applications from the current “as-is” state to the target “to-be” state, allowing you to deliver next generation capabilities to your users and customers.

Many companies are already leveraging our advanced application development and business intelligence capabilities, and solutions built and supported by us provide critical value and capabilities around the world.