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The founders of Nitka Technologies have worked in companies ranging from small 50 employee businesses to Global Fortune 100 companies with over 300,000 employees. We know that different businesses have different needs and whatever size your company is, we have been there and can relate to your needs.

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Small Business

Small businesses have unique challenges ranging from the difficulty in attracting highly skilled resources to the lack of economies of scale, often resulting in substantially higher comparable spend per service or technology than large corporations.

Nitka Technologies services solve this problem by delivering the right level of expertise and technology at your selected cost level. We have the economies of scale and resources to support your business and IT Infrastructure needs.

Let us manage your core infrastructure so you can focus on delivering business technologies and on moving your business online.

The increased demands from the business and a mobile workforce are stretching the IT capacity and budgets of many companies. If any of the following challenges sound familiar, call us.

  • Growing Demand for Cloud Services, advanced Applications and Mobile Data
  • The need to extend Infrastructure service hours without adding staff
  • Shortage of the right skills for "value-add" initiatives and projects
  • The challenge of adopting and implementing new technologies
  • The challenge of being a "strategic contributor" but not enough resources

  • We can help in by providing Remote IT Infrastructure services, whether it is off-hour server maintenance, network upgrades or database tuning. Our Teams can build, host, support and maintain any application platform and help you integrate disparate systems. We can provide the expertise and manpower so you can free up resources to deliver new capabilities to the business and your workforce.

    Large Enterprises

    Whether you want to redirect resources to new initiatives or need additional operational capacity during peak times or major upgrades, we have the skills, the mature processes and operational excellence to meet the most stringent requirements. Also, being smaller, we take exceptional pride in our agility and speed.

    We specialize in complex business applications, integrations and Cloud conversation of Legacy Systems (including OEM Cloud Portal development). We don't provide "headcount" but qualified "turnlkey teams" to any and all engagements we accept.